Customisable Bumbags for all your Adventures

    Bum bags originally became popular in the 1980s and 1990s, but have since made a big comeback. Fortunately, our modern designs are much more stylish than older counterparts! Designed specially for dog walkers, they’re also customisable so you can create your ideal look. 

    Cocopup enables you to build your own bum bag bundle, with an array of stylish straps to choose from. 

    Each bundle includes one of our viral dog walking bags, which has internal compartments and a handy poop bag dispenser. You will also receive an elasticated strap of your choice. Each strap fits a minimum waist of 75cm and maximum waist of 106cm.

    Why bum bags are ideal for dog walkers

    Our bum bags provide the ultimate in hands-free convenience. When out and about with your furry friend, the chances are you’ll have your hands full. From the leash and dog treats to balls and frisbees, that leaves little room to handle anything else.

    These bum bags make it easy to keep all your essentials well-organised. Not only can you store your dog’s accessories, but your phone, keys and much more. With the well-designed compartments, it will be easy to find what you need. After all, that can be even more difficult when you have a lively dog on your hands!

    This style of bag is also highly comfortable. It can be worn securely around your waist. They distribute weight evenly around the waist, which can be more comfortable for long walks compared to carrying items in pockets or a bag slung over the shoulder.

    If you need to clean up after your pet or reward good behaviour, it’s quick to access bags or treats.