Save Space in your Bag with our Card Holders

    We increasingly live in a cashless, digital society, and most of us don’t bother to carry physical money anymore. If you still have a bulky purse taking up space in your bag, why not use one of our Card Holders instead? Much more compact than a traditional wallet, they make it easy to carry in your bag without adding bulk.

    Ideal for when walking your dog to the shops, or a pet-friendly cafe or pub, they’re both
    attractive and practical. These Card Holders fit easily into even the smallest bag, so you’ll have more room for your dog’s leash, toys and other items. Beautifully designed, you can choose from an array of contemporary patterns. Highly stylish, these gorgeous Card Holders are a pleasure to use. They’ll keep all your cards secure and easy to access at any time.

    Made from vegan PU leather, they have four card slots and a double sided design. Since they come in various colours and designs, it’s easy to find one you love. From pretty daisies, pastel flowers and pink and orange blooms, through to lemons and strawberries, there’s a pattern to suit every personality.

    These Card Holders are brilliant for those keen to have a more minimalist lifestyle. They also make wonderful gifts for all kinds of occasions.