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    Rucksack Bundles Ideal for Dog Walkers

    If you’re looking for the perfect rucksack and accessories for dog lovers, our bundles are a treasure trove of goodies.

    A rucksack is one of the most convenient and comfortable bags for those daily walkies. It leaves your hands free, enabling you to have complete control over the leash. You also won’t have to worry about your dog snuffling inside your bag for treats!

    Our rucksacks are comfortable no matter where you’re walking. 

    Whether you’re exploring the local woods, hiking up mountains with your pooch, or visiting the beach in the summer, they’re popular for adventurous dog walkers. Made from durable polyester, they’re also highly weatherproof and long-lasting.  

    These bags are not only suitable for your dog’s equipment, but items like your phone, keys and much more. The rucksacks have several handy compartments to keep everything well organised. All straps, clips and handles are designed for your convenience. 

    Our bundles come with everything needed to equip you for your walk. 

    Not only will you have a stylish rucksack, our ultimate bundle includes a tennis ball and holder, collapsible water bottle, foldable bowl, and treat pouch. Everything fits easily inside with plenty of room for other items.

    Our super-chic rucksacks are available in an assortment of colours. 

    Finding a rucksack that reflects your personality and that of your dog is easy. These bundles are wonderful gifts for those who love dogs. All accessories can be removed when needed, so people can customise it for every walk.