Let’s face it: dealing with poop is the worst part of owning a dog!

    However, our canine friends bring us so much happiness in life, it’s worth the sacrifice. Clearing up dog poop is crucial for a number of reasons, including the fact it’s unpleasant for
    other walkers. Dog poop can carry harmful bacteria and parasites, which can be transmitted to humans and other animals. When left on the ground, it can also be washed into drains and waterways, leading to water pollution. This can harm aquatic life and contaminate drinking water

    Fortunately, Cocopup London can make dealing with their number-twos slightly less
    unappealing! Poop bags aren’t exactly attractive, so having them in a holder can make them more a pleasure to use.

    Keep your bags in an attractive holder. Our Poop Bag Holders come in various styles, with many beautiful colours and patterns to pick from. Better yet, they can be matched with many of our accessories, including our bags and straps. These holders will enable you to deal with messes with style.

    Made from neoprene fabric, these holders are highly practical and can easily be stowed away in your bag. They’re just one way Cocopop London can make your dog walks more of a pleasure. Each holder even has a zip so you can create a small purse, which is perfect for keys.